Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Uncertain Future

I don't quite know what to do with my blog yet. Perhaps I'll use it to display my verses; more likely, I'll just use it to complain about my life to my non-existent legion of readers. I will lead things off with a poem with a bit of insight into how I think:

Stanzas for the Morning

My claws come out at night
When no one else can see:
Beneath the shroud of darkness;
The dream begins for me.

A milky blackness covers
The tracks I leave behind.
The words that others hear,
Outnumbered In my mind,

Leave guttural distortions,
Deluding Amber Eyes.
Each sound has twenty siblings,
Nineteen of which are lies.

I struggle with the truth,
And ask too many questions.
The answers that I’m given
Take flight with my perceptions.

Too many times before
When I was offered peace,
I chose to stay tenacious,
Ignoring signs to cease.

My dreams come in with midnight,
Each born of my mistakes.
Regret and shame abounding,
This son of midnight wakes.

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