Friday, June 02, 2006

Jose Luis Castillo Disgraces Himself

I'm sure you are all sick to death of my boxing-related posts, but I like them. I see parallels between my struggle in life and a boxer's struggle in the ring. As long as I behave how a fighter is supposed to behave, I'll be ok. There's no shame in getting knocked out by the better man; Everyone loses, except Rocky Marciano. The shame is in quitting on the stool. You are my corner; you're not there to help me quit, you're there to help me fight. Fight, I shall.

I'm watching boxing right now. It's a good featherweight fight. Both fighters made weight, and are there to fight. Castillo, on the other hand, is a disgrace to the sport of boxing. He signed to fight Diego Corrales at 135 lbs., the lightweight limit. The lazy ass showed up at the scale at 140 for a 135 lb. World title fight, and this is not the first time. Last October, he didn't make weight, either: Corrales' titles weren't up for grabs because of his opponent's weight, and he was knocked out in four rounds by the blatantly overweight Castillo. I want Castillo's license suspended; he cheated every boxing fan, not just his opponent.

I signed for one weight class, and got another. I'm not going to quit on my stool, but my overweight opponent has a clear advantage. Still, I'm not here to quit, I'm here to fight. It's not fair, but there are other schizophrenics out there with even more inequity. I must behave how a fighter is supposed to behave: I must fight, no matter how unfair my life is. There's no shame in losing to a monster like schizophrenia, unless I quit.

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