Monday, July 10, 2006

Poems I Wish I Never Wrote - Vol. I

These are two poems I wrote for two different people. I'm proud of neither poem. They aren't badly crafted, for the most part, they just show the delusions I chose to live by for altogether too much time. The first one, which I wrote in Italian, shows how long I hold on to words and phrases I could never utter when they were relevant, and it shows the delusion that somehow if I made the perfect poem, the result would almost be the same as saying words before it was obviously too late. I'm not Ezra Pound, so I'll provide a translation. The second poem shows how stupid and gullible I am when I love someone. I write little lines stuck together with misplaced hope; in those lines I rush perfection when I should wait six months so the perfect vision of hindsight reveals how inevitably little my love means.

Poem #1

Per il bell tramonto

Per il bell tramonto
é caduto molti anni fa
Nel tutto mio pensiero
Cogli suoi capelli lunghi rossi
E cogli occhi blue
Adesso dormo forse sognare
Sulla tua bella faccia
Per la tutta sera
Quand il mio angelo leonesco
Andra nel tuo pensiero
Che odioso del mio
Occhio sinestro marrone
Ma io sono troppo timido
Per ti dico t'amo

For the beautiful Sunset

For the beautiful sunset
which fell many years ago
with your long red hair
and your blue eyes.
Now I sleep perchance to dream
on your beautiful face
for the whole evening
while my leonine angel
hates my left brown eye,
but I am too shy
to tell you I love you.

Poem #2


Inside the afterglow
The near-forgotten themes
Enmesh upon my conscience
And grow within my heart.
With one step every day
I take time as it comes,
With new anticipation
Disjointed from my past.
So pave the road ahead
With these sweet words and kisses!
Come take my weary hand
And lead me through tonight.
With every step, I measure
My feet set down in verse.
Recorded in sweet nothings,
My lines become more terse
Where once I limped away,
I Accelerate.
Escaping in
I’m free.

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