Sunday, November 19, 2006

Body Parts

When I saw the latest episode of "Dexter" on Showtime, I thought immediately that they'd dropped Zeus on a rope. Then I remembered that we'd been informed that the sister's boyfriend works with body parts, not whole bodies. The Ice Truck killer does the same. Furthermore, Dexter and The Ice Truck Killer share damaged girlfriends. It's obvious, and I wonder why I missed it. I might have to review the episodes to date; I thought the sister was the only one close enough to Dexter to pull off some of the Ice Truck Killer's maneuvers. It's obvious Mr. Freeze uses the sister to get close to Dexter.


Anonymous said...

I've never watched that show before. The TV and I have not been aquainted for some time now.

Thomas Jackson said...

Yeah, I caught an episode before a boxing match by accident. The show is ok. I think I liked the challenge of predicting the Ice Truck Killer's identity before the show exposed it. With that out of the way, I don't know if I'll continue to watch it.