Saturday, April 14, 2007

Two bits of good news

My best friend in Tulsa dragged his feet for a long time on telling people, but I can finally post that he and his fiancee are having a baby, and it's a boy! He's going to be a proud poppa! I've known for a while, but haven't been able to post about it because larger players than the general public needed to know first. Congratulations, Jason!

In other news, I was re-baptised Easter Sunday. It was very cool; one of the parishoners brought back water from the river Jordan and put some in the baptismal pool for the service. Taking the plunge again was good, but my pastor didn't hold my weight well; he didn't believe that I'm 220 lbs.


Kris said...

I agree! Mad props to Jason!

bean said...

I think people should only be baptised when they can willingly give themselves to God. Infants should not since they can't give consent or even comprehend whats going on.

Thomas Jackson said...

I'm with you, Jason. My life is so different now than it was before I got sick that I don't even remember my first baptism -- which happened when I was twelve. My favorite part about a Baptist church is adult baptism and rebaptism. I think my first one would have done well for the rest of my life, but schizophrenia changed my life so much that I consider myself a fundamentally different person now than I was at twelve. Those parts of me grown out of my disease needed to be baptised, too.