Thursday, September 03, 2009

Food Blog from San Francisco

The food I've eaten in San Francisco so far is fantastic. Yesterday I had a mighty Mahi Mahi fish sandwich. It was perfect, quite possibly the best fish I've ever had anywhere. Annabelle's Bistro--which is the name of the restaurant--served up a thick fillet of Mahi Mahi with a custom aioli, a peach salsa, lettuce, and a big stack of sweet potato fries on the side. The fish was divine, and the sweet potato fries complemented the food very very well. Overall, the sandwich was well worth the fifteen dollar cost! Last night, I had Venison at Schroeder's restaurant in downtown San Francisco, and I had it rare. All the venison I've eaten in my life was cooked to annihilation; last night was different. I loved it. As good as Bambi tastes cooked to death, he's that much better with a little cool center. The restaurant served the venison in a traditional berry sauce, which was great on the meat, but not so swell with the spaezle. As I write this post, I eat at Lori's Diner; it's ok. The food is a little above IHOP in quality, but not enough to justify the increase in cost. However, they have freee WiFi, which makes up for the difference and then some. The Hotel wants fifteen dollars per device per twenty-four hour period. Needless to say, I won't pay. I'll post again from the next place that gives me free WiFi to update my so far excellent culinary adventure in San Francisco. Go Terps!

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