Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Big C

This is a terrible show, absolutely horrible. Why am I watching this crap? If any of these characters approach reality, I will happily share my Void with no one. The show is named after Cathy, so I'll use her name. The rest of the characters shouldn't have names, so I'll just invent names that seem appropriate. Fat Student is the only one with insight. The whole show should be about her. "Fat Student Rules the World" would be much more interesting than this television product that's wasting my time more than this blog. Asshole Neighbor is better than her neighbors, but once again, this character has to share a stage with Cathy. Cuckolded Husband By the End of this Episode deserves better, but he will have it soon enough. The handsome Englishman gets a different name: Thor! Thor is awful, but will get some every night for the rest of his life. To be honest, if this show transferred itself from the land of the lost also called Showtime and placed itself next door, I hope Cathy lives for a long time so she can realize how stupid she is in five years. There is a fate worse than death: living this show. Eighteen months is too short a time for Cathy to know how stupid her choices are. Thor knows, but he would. Fat Student is compelling. Her show would be better. Yep, Cuckolded Husband by the End of this Episode lived up to his name. Married is married, folks. I hate art so much after watching this show I don't even want to watch Dexter now. I think I'll go read Equus again, and think up a musical version.


Thomas Jackson said...

A whole episode without Fat Student makes this show even worse. I hate Cathy. I hate the writers more; as long as this show is still on the air, Fat Student will never have her own show.

Thomas Jackson said...

Thor in the Bahamas with Cathy, how cute, I hate them both. If those two aren't shameful, why are they sneaking? Adultery is so special. I hope those two get caught in this episode. Cathy is just deplorable. I hope she enjoys Thor in the full light of the truth.

I'm leaving these comments as I watch. We're halfway through the episode.

Thor talks with Mr. Cuckolded Husband like a friend. Duels are stupid, but if I were Sir C. Husband, I would slap Thor in the face with a gauntlet, and test their lust against my brawn.

Thor backs out of his shame. Cathy needs to choose. She is truly awful. This is not good art.

Sir C. Husband gets better as she gets worse. Asshole neighbor is downright pleasant.

Moment of truth time: Sir C. Husband might know. This is childish. Wow, way to give her a reason to justify. Cathy is awful. Apparently she gets caught next episode.