Saturday, October 09, 2010

Diaz vs Noons II

If you liked Diaz vs. Noon in the rematch, which I did, watch more boxing, which I do. Neither fighter can wrestle, and without the takedowns, Diaz' jiu-jitsu is worthless. It was a good fight, worthy of TV. I like both fighters as MMA artists, and respect them for putting on a boxing match. That said, their boxing abilities are not up to world-champion boxing.

I had Noons winning three rounds to two, despite pulling for Diaz the whole time. Diaz gets the nod. I disagree.


Thomas Jackson said...

That said, a rubber match would be great.

Thomas Jackson said...

Props to Noons; he fought with a broken jaw for four rounds. I gave Noons credit for the paintbrushing he did while in the clinch with Diaz; that was the difference on my score card. Paintbrushing is a boxing technique where one fighter scores with both hands in a series of short, rapid punches to the midsection while being held.

Because the fight was mostly a boxing match, I scored it like one. MMA striking seems to be judged not on number of strikes landed, but total damage in a round. Body punching doesn't leave visible marks. I can easily see how the broken jaw and heavier punches from Diaz would win rounds in MMA. while landing less blows than Noons did.