Saturday, May 06, 2006

Heart and Head

My heart and head often serve cross-purposes. Tonight, my heart chooses Oscar de La Hoya over Ricardo Mayorga. Mayorga is disrespectful of Oscar, and a whiner about his money. If the contracts say two million, you get two million, no matter how much your promoter promised you. However, my head thinks Oscar lost a step. He looked horrible against Hopkins and worse against Felix Sturm. Intellectually, I have to go with Mayorga by late knockout.

In my own struggle, my heart and head differ also. My heart yearns for peace, love, and understanding. I keep writing this blog at my heart's behest: I don't want that piece of me to die. However, my intellect says that nothing will come of my writing, or this blog. My head keeps telling me to take it logically and notice inevitable patterns: I will stay alone, loveless, and at war with my own reality.

Tonight, we'll see about the boxing. I don't think anything will change with my struggle, though. Perhaps I'll just stay consistent: I'll see more patterns and feel a little less.


Thomas Jackson said...

Heart beats head in boxing. Oscar de La Hoya knocked out Mayorga in six rounds.

Your travelling company said...

Most of the time, keeping your heart alive and working no matter what your head says is the way to go.

At least, that's what I keep arguing.

Lately I've been wondering, too.