Saturday, May 14, 2005


A pill, a Luger, or a fall. These are my choices. I don't live in a world with infinite possibilities. The more I tell my readers, and the other people in my life, the more wary and weary of me they become. No one can live all hours as I live them. I can take more than most people, who don't even want to hear about my struggles, much less experience even a small piece of them with me. I'd go on, but I've already stated too much.

Just listen. Can you hear the beckon of the night?

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Patmos said...

Yes, I hear the night... It's darkness rings in my ears and it is cold upon my heart. I cry in this night and yet no one hears. I cry in this night and yet there are no ears. My voice it bounces off the night, as if there is this wall, yet i walk, and i walk, yet i never come upon it. I hear this buzzing, yet I cannot find it's source, I hear this groaning, yet i cannot find it's hiding place. i lay in this night, i sit in this night, i stand in this night, i crawl in this night and with every breath i breathe, i pray that there be no air to breathe.