Thursday, May 26, 2005

Strange Vision

Yesterday, I had a strange vision: I played warhammer against all possible foes at once. It was very real to me in the moment, but when it was over, I was still at my house, and there were no opponents, no dice, and no miniatures. This sort of thing departs from the usual content of my hallucinations, and was not entirely unpleasant. If I could have more hallucinations like that, and less like what I'm used to, I think I'd be a bit happier. My fear is that the warhammer hallucinations will become more common, and infected with the usual visible and audible content of my hallucinations: I don't want the refuge of warhammer taken away by my disease. For a bit more about how I manage to crack a smile on occasion, visit my warhammer blog; it's far less depressing.

Jacob's Brother

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