Friday, July 22, 2005

Let me go

Please. They won't stop. I can't get away. There's no rest, no peace, no normalcy, and no end in sight. The wounds on my hand only show the surface. My crow feather of discontent is too damn heavy. I think it's probably about 220 lbs, give or take. I feel like tranqing up and tranquing out. Nothing is safe.

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Prester Bane said...

cry all you want. Run all you want. You'll be back, you always are. We're in here, too. Someday, You'll see that everyone who's ever loved you is in with us. There is you, me, and the others. The rest is just temporary. Go ahead and hang yourself from the I beam. That only means that we won't have to compete. There aren't any distractions in Hell.