Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Poems I Wish I Never Wrote - Vol. II

The following poems are garbage from the youth that crawled down my throat and died:


Abandoning the silence
Of yesterday's address
Whose sound is heard unspoken
In effortless regress

A morning mist intruder
Is calling out for me
In excess I remember
Regretting what I'd be

"Improving what you're given
while fearing what you need
has made you an extremist
of solitary greed.

Impoverished by your actions
of fear, and hate, and spite
has left your voice abandoned
to raging at the night

your fear, unworthy yearning,
and unrepentant eyes
have made colossus larger
with truthfulness and lies."

If I could stop forgetting
And struggle to retain
Perhaps my eyes would open
And wash away the rain

If not a myth unspoken
If not a distant past
Perhaps an inspiration
Prolonging life to last

"A harbor's span of copper
alloyed with tin in hate
was wrought with contradiction
and hammering at fate

a massive strength illusion
it towers in the sky
a lie of strength and power
in rubble it will die

a raging summer tempest
a broken manly form
a statue rendered fallen
and broken by the storm."

I used to love that poem. What a fool I was. Arrogance and lofty wordplay can't make a poem.



Spin that cylinder
Pull that trigger
Burn that powder
Waste this life

I'm killing with a vengeance
This wasted life of mine
Not drunken-hearted madness
But madness none-the-less

When time becomes addiction
There is no other gun
But brandy in the bottle
And smoke upon the breath

My hatred comes to action
Against my hated thoughts
A gun against my temple
A song upon my lips

I took the steel for granted
And so I took the lead
I'm looking for the stranger
I see inside the mirror

His face is not expressing
The hatred in my heart
His address is unspoken
It's talking from the gun

"Hello my old friend
I see you've set me free
in letters on the page
the forces are in motion

"Your silence I will take
as your acknowledgment
that life is not worth living
except to feed the dead

"When everything is lost
but all my good advice
to take away your life
you'll know just who I am

"A cold blooded killer
and I'll get you in the end"

Yeah, he'll still get me. The end is closer every day. Spin that cylinder . . .

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