Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Take Honesty away
And put it with good taste.
The end is the beginning
And nothing ever changes.

Does it?

Too many smiles for you
Never answered in truth.
Can't you see me struggle
With open arms and closed eyes

To shout?

Every moment was yours!
Every whisper of you,
Every line screamed my love!
Every rhyme was a promise!

I lost

To Time. Bad fortune swept
Too quickly over levees
I made out of doubt.
I thought that I was safe.

I wasn't.

So now as I return,
Those doubting levees stress
Beneath the weight of Hope
I never want to lose.

So what?

I grapple with decisions
As days, they pass me by.
But this . . . this moment means
That I have changed somehow

With time.

I saw that I don't want
Your sparkle in my sight.
My new hope isn't yours
I finally decided

I'm done.

Let Hope spring from the ground
In someone I just met:
Someone else to shine
The Apple of My Eye


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