Thursday, August 24, 2006

Writing More

I'm trying to write more. That includes correspondance and this blog. Raising one's daily word count is good for all developing writers. For a while, I put everything on what I call the Keats scale. It took him ten years to develop as a poet: that's the fastest I know for any major English poet. I'm hopelessly behind right now, but I have ambitions to close the gap between myself and the Keats Scale. The only way to pursue those ambitions is to simply write more, and write more vigorously.

I'm going to see a singer and songwriter I met last week sing later on today. Check her out at; her songs are great, and her voice fits her songs nicely. I've always envied singers; I can't carry a tune in a bucket, but that's another story for another day. Expect more out of this blog, and be sure I'm writing more aside from it, too.

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bean said...

Yeah I need to write more to. I am currently working on a fantasy story. I had an idea about them the other day let me bounce it of you. OK you know how fantasy series today are either way too long or are very wide-focused or both? Well I thought that I could write a short story book first to develop the characters, setting and give a taste of the plot to come and THEN write the trilogy. That would get the readers attention without making a 12 book series or what not. Do you think thats any good?