Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Pricing A Soul

I don't venture into politics much on this blog, but I do speak on Religion quite often. Until a few minutes ago, I was watching "Quite Frankly," a show on ESPN2. It came on after boxing, so I gave it a shot to gain my viewership. On the show were four analysts, and the host, Stephen A. Smith; Two of the analysts called black atheletes slaves because they work for largely white owners and coaches. When one of the analysts on "Quite Frankly" started throwing around the scriptures, I turned off the TV.

It would be nice to see more equity in sports management. However, the way I look at the situation is quite simple: anyone can take or redistribute all the money in the world, but the price is your soul. From card sharks, bookies, insider traders, confidence men, legislators for sale, sycophants in corporate America, all the way to professional atheletes who must conform to a coach's plan and say the right thing to the media. Even so-called socially conscious artists that gain fame are usually in it for a buck or a good review, and will do most anything to get either. Everyone is beholden to someone with different values, and we're all beholden to God. No man can serve God and Mammon (Matt 6:24). That's everyone: black, white, sane, schizophrenic, rock star in a "commie" hat, rapper with a mission, me, everyone. Someone could have made my point later in the discussion on "Quite Frankly," but I didn't give any of them a chance.

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