Thursday, April 20, 2006


I'm an official second-class citizen. The papers restricting my licence to a five-mile radius arrived. Coupled with that, my head is totally out of control today. The war is on, and my choir won't stop singing. I cover it well, though. My friend is feeling better, she did not deserve her stressors or the way some people treat her. Now that I think about it, all my friends are doing well, even the friends in Tulsa. I hope Kris is ok, I haven't spoken to him in a while.

I attended a lecture given by my Dad on the influential American cryptographer, Herbert Yarldey, on Tuesday. My Dad has a PHd from Georgetown in Government, and is defintely one of the smartest people I know. He's a sponge, like me; he's constantly gathering information and evaluating it against competing ideas. I got my thirst for righteousness from him, even if we disagree on what is righteous. His field is Military History and Political Science: both are a far cry from my comparative religion and Poetry obsessions. We both love ancient and medieval warfare, and seek to apply old lessons to new problems. Check it out:

He wrote an article and a brochure on the subject for the Department of Defense before those ideas were new. Links follow:

The article

the brochure

That's information security in late 1999 and 2000

And here's the government talking about it:

The executive order

Notice the heavy use of the word "enclave"

My Dad is awesome. We have our disagreements and old wounds, but he's one hell of a thinker, and I like to think I learned some things about writing from him, too.

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