Friday, April 14, 2006

Joe Frazier is my Hero

I'm watching Friday Night Fights on ESPN2; Joe Frazier is live in the studio. He knows the fight game, and disdainfully addressed the plug and hug style boxers use on the inside today. If someone got close to Joe Frazier, Smokin' Joe would never grab when he could punch. This man had the best left hook in the history of boxing, bar none, and he did it with his left arm shorter than his right. Fighters these days get into the danger zone of boxing, and agree to clinch rather than fight, and then quit in the face of real adversity. Joe never quit. His corner wouldn't let him go out for the fifteenth round against Ali in their last fight. Even now, thirty years later, the host of Friday Night Fights asked Joe to show how he hits the heavy bag. He didn't hit it hard, or even particularly well, but he didn't stop until the host asked the great former champion. I was alone in my living room, clapping and saying "We love you, Joe," even though nobody could hear me. I have to take Joe's example. I've got short tools like Frazier, and like him, I cannot quit. My corner is going to stop me, because I won't quit. I'm having a rough time these days, but if I quit, it's all over. I can't even complain about the crowd clearly against me. Why would anyone want to be around an ugly mug like me? I have a good corner, but the crowd wants me dead, even the so-called-friends who cheerd for me once, but ignore me in my hours of need. The crowd loved Ali, a bigger, stronger, faster fighter. However, Frazier had effort, even when the whole crowd cheered against him. Both my eyes are swollen shut, the crowd cheers for my opponent, and I need a miracle to win. I still won't quit. This might not be the fifteenth round, but I'm hurt and I won't quit. Thanks, Joe. Your courage inspires me.

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