Friday, April 07, 2006

Dodge City

I'm watching "Dodge City" starring Errol Flynn with my Dad. It's a good movie, one of my favorite westerns. There are good guys, bad guys, and the best barroom brawl in any Western. Errol Flynn was a good actor, not a great one, and he's probably my Dad's favorite. I think he was a woamanizing drunken slug, but I like his movies.
"Dodge City" is a complete study of the Western genre, even though it stars an Australian and an Englishman. Technically, Olivia DeHavilland was born in Japan to English parents; my origins are much the same. My Dad was an army officer and my Mom is from Kansas City; I was born on Wiesbaden Air Force Base with a birth certificate from the State Department. It's a fun document to show the MVA when they ask me where I was born.

Thanks for the responses I got from my last entry. It means a lot to me. I'm glad to see this isn't a brick wall. You're all gentlemen, ladies, and scholars; I'm glad to call you all friends.

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