Friday, April 21, 2006

Remind Me

Remind me to take my medication, maybe if I take it twice, it will go past damaging my short-term memory, and start taking out some of the old memories that still haunt me.

Remind me of 1997, maybe I'll remember why I set it down when Prester Bane asked me if I wanted it to jam.

Remind me to ask the odds, maybe I'll stop playing dice with Blaise Pascal

Remind me to lie, cheat, and steal, maybe it will work for me, too.

Remind me to not repeat myself, maybe it will stop costing me so much.

Remind me to hide my love poetry, maybe it will stop looking good to me.

Remind me of my distant past, maybe I'll remember how it felt to be human.

Remind me of each time I broke my knuckles, maybe the pain would stop seeming so sweet.

Remind me when I'm wrong to make it right, maybe then I would pay penance

Remind me what it feels like to pray, maybe then I'd be able to distinguish it from my demons

Remind me of fearing hell, maybe then I'll stop thinking about when I'd get out.

Remind me what if feels like to have a prayer answered, maybe then I would stop questioning my place in hell.

Remind me of peace, maybe then I could find it.

Remind me why I'm here, maybe then I won't want peace so badly.

Remind me of how scared I was the first time I wrecked a car, maybe it would stop tempting me.

Remind me what I did to deserve this, maybe I'll stop feeling wronged

Remind me how I lived through the pain of solitude, maybe then I wouldn't miss you so damn much when I'm looking for reasons to continue.

But whatever you decide to answer, remind me when I get out of control, maybe I could stop making stupid lists.

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