Saturday, April 15, 2006

I Know You

I know you, Blue. You dominated the horizons before the sunset, and in my imagination, before the sunrise. Where once you were framed in gold and a smile never meant for me, now your frame is a cage with me on the inside, not decorated with gold, red, brown, green, nor black with yellow. Your tint is darker, not like the sky, but like a deep bruise; all I see is you. No matter what demons haunt my nightmares or what Legion stomps my memories and perception, you seem always too eager to show me nothing but all of yourself. Stay Blue, and I will know you; the others will, too. Your fruits are in my poems as a road for the Legions. All roads lead to Rome and the Rock, but I can never seem to find anything but the inside of this cage. Yes, Blue is your name and our color. The other colors are too distant and hard to find; especially in the deep water of this home I make my cage.

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